The D&H Oak Framing team takes great pride and satisfaction in the design and construction of extensions, garages, barns and other buildings. We thank our clients for the opportunity to keep alive in the centuries-old skill and tradition of green oak timber framing. Our services extend from site visit to planning application through completion.

You can rely on us for:

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Permits
  • Installation—either working with the contractor or customer direct, then onto completion

We Use the Finest Green Oak

The green oak we source comes from an established sawmill with sustained forestry as a priority and decades of experience. Before we cut any beam we visually check it for any cross grain and the position of knots in relation to any jointing that needs to be done. This ensures that the integral strength of the beam is not compromised. Beam lengths can be DC structurally graded if required by building control.

Fast growing oak is structurally stronger than slow growing oak. The vessels (the rings we count to determine the age) are further apart resulting in the fibres being longer and more dense. The denser the fibres, the stronger the beam will be. The fibres give the trunk its strength.

Craftsmanship, Quality, Tradition and Service

  • All our frames are authentically hand crafted and cut by our team using specialized portable power tools.
  • All our frames are planed and sanded with all sharp edges removed.
  • The joints are traditional mortice and tenon, held in place by seasoned oak draw pegs.
  • Wind braces are used.
  • Our frames are NOT factory produced.
  • Our frames do NOT come ready jointed or manufactured on a CNC machine.

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