Green Oak Timber Frame Buildings

There is nothing quite like the beauty and sustainability of real wood. We have relied on its strength and durability for centuries, and no imitation product exists that can surpass the functionality, tactile texture and natural warm tones of natural wood.

Thank you for visiting our website. We specialise in traditional green oak timber framing. Oak has been used for centuries in the construction of timber framed buildings, using traditional mortice and tenon joints held in place using oak draw pegs. We have continued this tradition in our timber framed construction which reflects the intricate European carpentry and joinery work of heritage craftsmen. We pride ourselves in offering you a unique building customised to your lifestyle.

Wood is the obvious choice when building an attractive feature that perfectly compliments an existing home. Our individually designed and bespoke-made green oak timber frame structures look beautiful and add value to your home. Each project is based on our clients’ exact requirements and sized to ensure that every frame we produce is absolutely customised.

We at D&H Oak Framing would like to thank you for taking the time to look into our company. Our green oak frames are second to none. We pride ourselves on both craftsmanship and customer service and look forward to building a green oak timber frame for you. With your input, we will design and install your project in the time-honoured traditional way, with true craftsmanship as a focal point.